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​​Indian River County 

Emergency Management

Operations Center:

4225 43rd Avenue
Vero Beach, FL 32967
Phone: 772-567-2154

Click HERE to view the IRCEM website for current activation level status, and sign up for the mobile app or email alerts.

​​Town of Orchid

located between the atlantic ocean and the intercoastal waterway in historic indian river county


Information about Hurricanes

Hurricane Season 

Annually the official dates of hurricane season run from July 1 and through November 30. However, it's important to note that hurricanes and tropical storms can form outside of the typical season; for instance, in 2016 the first hurricane formed in January already. This highlights the need for Orchid residents to be aware of and ready with proper storm preparation year-round. 

Throughout the year, severe weather, wildfire conditions, hazardous materials and other potential dangers are monitored for the health and safety of Florida's residents and visitors. Federal, state and local plans are regularly updated and exercised, so that before, during and after an emergency residents are kept safe, informed and in a position to rapidly recover. In Florida, in the county and on the local level, relationships between agencies allow authorities to quickly help others or send requests for help in emergencies.   

The Town of Orchid, in conjunction with the Indian River County Emergency Management (IRCEM) team, will endeavor to keep you informed before, during and after a storm event. Below is information from the Indian River County Emergency Management Team to help you get ready for hurricane season. Stay abreast of the storm activity to ensure you are prepared.; the Town will post pertinent information here and on the Bulletin Board page as it becomes available. You are urged to also sign up for emergency alerts from the IRCEM directly: HERE. If an event appears to impact Indian River County or our surrounding counties, an alert is sent to subscribers. 

What You Can Do Today
The alerts IRCEM sends out are meant to raise awareness, so personal and business plans can be ready if the need arises. Much of the year IRCEM encourages everyone to take three steps that will markedly improve your response when a disaster occurs.

Step 1. Make a plan: Information can be found on this web page: 
http://www.irces.com/ or on the webpage for State Emergency Management: www.floridadisaster.org or at numerous partner websites, such as The American Red Cross: www.redcross.org

Step 2. Have a kit: This is a “go kit” that consists of a container that is ready to grab and go should the need arise. A version of this in your car with snacks, water and first aid supplies can make a difference on the road. The same sites as listed in Step 1 have all the information you will need to ready your kit.

Step 3. Stay informed: One of the best ways to stay informed is with a NOAA weather radio. These can be set up so only a small area of the county, the entire county or a portion of the state will set off an alarm when imminent severe weather occurs. This alert service is an excellent way to get timely relevant information from the Emergency Management office regarding local impacts. 

To contact IRC Emergency Management for more information, call: 772-567-2154.

Stay safe! - Indian River County Emergency Management

Summer Construction Work in Orchid

Though many residents are not local in the summer months, much activity takes place in the Town from June to September as this is the busiest time of year for construction projects. It's important that residents and construction companies are aware of the following safety tips pertaining to tropical storms and hurricanes. ​The building department urges everyone to think ahead and be ready to prepare for the worst. 

Safety advice:

  • Clear jobsites trash and debris
  • Empty dumpsters
  • Remove portable toilets and trailers
  • Remove construction materials off-site
  • Don't schedule materials for delivery during storm warning periods
  • Secure the jobsite; brace any unstable construction
  • Ensure Town Staff has up-to-date contact information for all contractors and sub-contractors

Evacuation orders must be observed! There will be no inspections, construction, or delivery of materials during storm warning periods. Please contact the Building Department at 772-581-2770 with any questions or if you observe an unsecured job-site in advance of a storm.

2017 Hurricane Season Names

Hurricanes are named annually in alphabetical order. This year's names, which are always chosen in advance, are listed below. If a name is given in bold, then a storm by that name has formed and the Town will endeavor to add information about its strength and duration. Tropical depressions aren't named, but do receive numbers.; these are not listed here.

Arlene • Bret • Cindy • Don • Emily • Franklin • Gert • Harvey • Irma • Jose • Katia • Lee • Maria • Nate • Ophelia • Philippe • Rina • Sean • Tammy • Vince • Whitney  

2016 Hurricane Season 

Alex (Cat. 1 Hurricane, Jan. 13-15)

Bonnie (Tropical Storm, May 27-Jun. 5)

Colin (Tropical Storm, June 5-7)

Danielle (Tropical Storm, June 19-21) 

Earl (Cat. 1 Hurricane, Aug. 2-6)

Fiona (Tropical Storm, Aug. 17-23)

Gaston (Cat. 3 Hurricane, Aug. 22-Sep. 3)

Hermine (Cat. 1 Hurricane, Aug. 28-Sep. 3)

Ian (Tropical Storm, Sep. 12-16) 

Julia (Tropical Storm, Sep. 14-19) 

Karl (Tropical Storm, Sep. 14-25) 

Lisa (Tropical Storm, Sep. 19-25) 

Matthew (Cat, 5 Sep. 28-Oct. 10) - Orchid directly affected.

Nicole (Cat 4, Oct. 4-18)

Otto (Cat. 3, Nov. 20-25)