​​Town of Orchid

located between the atlantic ocean and the intercoastal waterway in historic indian river county

*​Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not wish your email address to be released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to the Town Administration or its officials. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

​Local Planning Agency

​In January 2016, Town Council moved to adopt Ordinance No. 2016-01, which amended Chapter 72-1. The Ordinance removed Town Council as the Local Planning Agency and established instead a separate body comprised of Orchid Residents in that role. Town Council appointed five volunteers to the LPA and two alternates. The school board may designate a representative to serve in a non-voting capacity.

The LPA is responsible for matters concerning the comprehensive plan and will make recommendations to Town Council regarding the adoptions of any changes to elements or portions thereof. The LPA will monitor and oversee the effectiveness and status of the comprehensive plan. The LPA will review proposed land development regulations, codes, amendments. The LPA will also perform any other functions, duties or responsibilities assigned by the Town Council.

​Current Local Planning Agency Members:

Ron Bourque - Chairman
Georgie Hutton - Vice-Chairwoman
Michael Allison
Paul Knapp
​David Prol
Paul Danielsen - Alternate
- One alternate spot on the LPA is presently open

The LPA's meetings are subject to the Sunshine Law and will take place in public. Above are the Agendas and Minutes of LPA past and upcoming meetings. For the location and time of an upcoming meeting, please see the Home and Bulletin Board pages.
Auditor Selection Committee

Town of Orchid Resolution No. 2008-04 establishes an Auditor Selection Committee. The primary purpose of this committee is to assist the Town Council in selecting an auditor to conduct the annual financial audit required by
​section 218.391 Florida Statutes.  

The committee consists of 3 to 5 members appointed by the Town Council. Each member of
the committee should have financial experience and, if possible, at least one member should
have prior experience in public accounting. The term is one year and members serve without
​compensation. The Council selects the Auditor Selection Committee Chair.

There are currently no residents appointed to the Auditor Selection Committee.

The audit committee's responsibilities are:

  1. Establish factors to use for the evaluation of audit services to be provided by a certified public accounting firm duly licensed under chapter 473 and qualified to conduct audits in accordance with government auditing standards as adopted by the Florida Board of Accountancy. Such factors shall include, but are not limited to, ability of personnel, experience, ability to furnish the required services, and such other factors as may be determined by the committee to be applicable to its particular requirements.
  2. Publicly announce requests for proposals. Public announcements must include, at a minimum, a brief description of the audit and indicate how interested firms can apply for consideration.
  3. Provide interested firms with a request for proposal. The request for proposal shall include information on how proposals are to be evaluated and such other information the committee determines is necessary for the firm to prepare a proposal.
  4. Evaluate proposals provided by qualified firms. If compensation is one of the factors established pursuant to paragraph (1), it shall not be the sole or predominant factor used to evaluate proposals.
  5. Rank and recommend in order of preference no fewer than three firms deemed to be the most highly qualified to perform the required services after considering the factors established pursuant to paragraph (1). If fewer than three firms respond to the request for proposal, the committee shall recommend such firms as it deems to be the most highly qualified.

The Town Council shall inquire of qualified firms as to the basis of compensation, select one of the firms recommended by the audit committee and negotiate a contract. If the Town Council is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with any of the recommended firms, the committee shall recommend additional firms, and negotiations shall continue in accordance with section 218.391 Florida Statutes until an agreement is reached.​ 

Written contracts for auditing services entered into with a certified and duly licensed public accounting firm may be renewed and such renewals may be done without the use of the auditor selection procedures provided above. Renewal of a contract shall be in writing.

Advisory Committees

From time to time, the Town Council appoints advisory committees of town residents to perform detailed studies of issues that are important to the Town. These committees may work with the Town Manager, town staff members, and other individuals and report their findings to the Town Council for formal town action. Residents who would like to serve on an Advisory Committee are encouraged to contact any member of the Town Council or the Town Clerk.​​​​